Narendra Bhawan

The love affair with this Palace has been for a while. If you guys have been following me for long you would know the special place the property holds in my heart, as for the rest of you this was the magical place where I got to host my dream wedding. In the quaint little town of Bikaner, with friendly smiles and content faces lies Narendra Bhawan, retelling the story of the last reigning Maharaja of Bikaner,  Narendra Singhji. The essence of the place itself will remind you of a luxurious experience yet still going back in time. The palace is a mix of modern art deco with hints of tradition in every corner. I know many of you have asked me about my experience as a bride there and how hard/easy it was to have a wedding of that scale in a place like Bikaner. Let me break it down for all the brides to be. Hopefully this helps you guys in finding your dream destination. 

I know since the time I was engaged I wanted a destination wedding.  A close set of people who actually love me and are happy to be a part of me taking this new journey forward. I know so many brides who wanted a beach wedding, I for one wanted a royal one. I came across Narendra Bhawan on one of the most used apps by me Instagram . My first thought was that this place was perfect for my Instagram quirks. Enough room for 200, which was the perfect size to my guest list. The next thing I knew I hopped on a train to Bikaner with my then fiance and sister. The minute we entered I knew it would be a special experience. The friendly energy of the staff to  Nala the caretaker dog there to greet us with a warm welcome by Siddharth, pretty much the soul of the Palace. The most important checklist in my diary for a property is the comfort of a room but the feeling of being in a heritage property. Narendra Bhawan was just that, to their cute little bakery which btw made the best cold coffees with their finger-licking Rogan Josh. I pretty much experienced the best of both worlds when it came to cuisines I got to experience. My favorite was their Rajasthani traditional thali comprising of dishes that were the local favorites. I recommend it to anyone who gets to be in Bikaner. To be honest when you are in the property you don’t really feel like getting out and exploring the city. Start your day by booking a luxurious spa on their top floor with the ambiance nothing short from the Victorian Era. Take forward the day by sipping their infamous G&T’s by the poolside and soak in the sun. Your evenings will always end up near their decadent living area right next to the reception sipping cocktails and spending some quality time with your loved ones. Dinner can always be served at the Al Fresco dining area where you can listen to some great tunes that the property is playing all day long. Narendra Bhawan also offers the incredible experience which I personally have got to experience where you sit by the lakeside listening to some beautiful live melodies while the sun sets. That was definitely an experience one in a million.  Whether you are looking to get married or just celebrating milestones. I say to experience the property once in your life and get to witness pure luxury. 

This is the grand Diwali Chowk, where I held my wedding day. What I loved the most was the open skies on top and the beautiful architecture that surrounded my Vedi.

I also got lucky enough to go there again, but this time it was with my girlfriends enjoying a two-day staycation where we were hosted by Narendra Bhawan in the month of August. I must say I fell in love with the place all over again. This time, I got to shoot some beautiful content and relaxed with my girls. Our days were filled with sun soaking, chilling by the poolside and getting to eat and drink the best the property has to offer. One thing about Narendra Bhawan definitely stands apart from the rest of the luxury hotels that I’ve visited, it has to be the hospitality. It’s very rare to find hotel staff that makes their absolute mission to ensure that one has the most breezy and comfortable stay. Narendra Bhawan was just that. There was absolutely no stone unturned when it came for us to be able to experience the best.

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